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Creating modelled roses is an art, which takes a lot of time and commitment to get right. If you need some help or even if it's your first time, why not give it a go!

This course focuses on the basic skills needed to create sugar paste roses, giving helpful tips and advise in a two hour course. During the course, demonstrations and one-to-one tuition is given. These roses can then be used on Cupcakes, Wedding & Celebration cakes!

This course is highly recommended prior to undertaking the wired flower courses.

Difficulty Rating: Beginners/ Intermediate
Course Duration: 2 Hours

Please Note: Colours, sugar paste & Aprons are provided.


20th & 27th June at Blackwood Community College

from 6.30-9pm both sessions.

Week 1 Making Roses, flowers and icing the cake board

Week 2 Filling, crumb coating and icing the cake.

You will also be learning new techniques including making frills and

attaching to the sides of the cake, not forgetting the final touches

assembling the flowers on the cake.

Price £26. 


Modelled Roses